Annual event now later in fall: Salinas Farm Show Slated for Nov. 3-4

California's Central Coast's largest farm show is returning to the Salinas Sports Complex (Rodeo Grounds) this year, but the sixth annual event has moved the dates until later in the fall, expanded its run to two days and will offer the largest number of exhibitors ever.

Western Farm Press continues as the official show publication for the Nov. 3-4 event.

The Salinas Valley Farm Show was started six years ago by the Gonzales Young Farmers as a fund raising event for 4-H groups, young farmers and students wishing to pursue careers in agriculture. The show now exceeds 200 exhibitors and hosts several thousand attendees, it has become the only event of its kind catering to the needs of Coastal Farmers.

Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara counties are home to the most profitable agricultural businesses in the country. Salinas Valley has been dubbed the salad bowl of the world, and Monterey and Santa Cruz counties have experienced millions of dollars in increased revenue from wine grape crops in recent years.

“It is the industry that fuels and feeds California”, says Susan Bassi, president of Bassi Productions, Gilroy, Calif. “Our local growers and agricultural businesses are responsible for produce on every table in America and throughout much of the world. We are also responsible for fueling trends such as better agricultural practices, increases in organic crops and packaging that has increased produce departments in the world's supermarkets.”

Bassi Productions is managing this year's show for The Gonzales Young Farmers and is taking their annual event to a new level. Emphasis will be placed on new technology, equipment, packaging and agricultural management. “We will bring the world of agricultural suppliers to the backdoor of the world's most prominent farmers,” says Bassi.

Wayne Gularte, president of Gonzales Young Farmers is proud of the efforts his group has made so far, “the show has increased substantially from a small equipment sale to what it has become today”. Wayne also points out this is the only opportunity that local growers and agricultural businesses have to see the latest in new equipment and technology, meet local service professionals and find businesses from out of the area who have unique products that can enhance productivity.

In the past, growers have had to travel to Tulare, Stockton or Colusa for shows similar to the Salinas Valley Farm Show. “Those shows often meet the needs for crops such as rice, corn, cotton and trees,” said Bassi. “The Salinas Valley Show caters more to vegetable crops, vines, organics, nursery and specialty crops, areas of interest for local growers”

There will again be seminars. Topics will include pest management, soil and water issues as well labor and regulation topics. Live equipment demonstrations and an auction will also take place during this year's event.

More information can be found about the show by calling (408)682-4700.

The show will be from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Nov. 3 and from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Nov. 4.

Donations are $3 at the door and proceeds benefit Gonzales Young Farmers who contribute to local 4- H clubs, FFA as well as provide scholarships to individuals wishing to pursue higher education in agricultural related fields.

For sponsorship, exhibiting or attendee information please call (408)682-4700 or visit us on the web at

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