Apogee plant regulator gets apple use OK

The California Department of Pesticide Regulations has granted registration for Apogee plant growth regulator which BASF will market as a new tool to reduce vegetative growth in apple trees.

A technical breakthrough for apple growers, Apogee is the only product to provide early-season growth control without directly affecting fruit quality or bud set the following year.

“The vegetative growth control that Apogee provides is beneficial in that it reduces the need for pruning, and improves light penetration into the canopy,” says Greg Roman, market manager with BASF.

Effective alternative

Apogee has shown to be an effective alternative to manual pruning. Incorporating Apogee into a spray program greatly reduces the need for summer and dormant-season pruning and may provide apple growers a substantial cost savings.

Early application is critical to success. The first Apogee application is recommended when the trees have one to three inches of new shoot growth. A second treatment is recommended after 10 to 17 days, since the product is only active for two to four weeks after the first application.

For more information, apple growers should see their BASF representative or local dealer or visit www.apogee.basf-corp.com.

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