Arizona cotton squaring on 90 percent of acreage – 45 percent boll set

Squaring is complete on 90 percent of Arizona’s cotton acreage, compared to the five-year average of 85 percent. Forty-five percent of the acreage has set bolls, according to a July 9, 2007 report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s (NASS) Arizona Field Office.

NASS rated Arizona cotton condition as 48 percent fair, 38 percent good, 9 percent excellent, and 5 percent poor.

In grains, NASS reported 90 percent of the state’s barley and Durum wheat crops harvested.

Alfalfa was rated at 53 percent good, 24 percent good, 19 percent excellent, and 4 percent poor.

Sizzling summertime temperatures continued to dry and roast the state. The highest reading was 116 degrees in Phoenix.

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