Arizona's cotton crop dips 6 Pct. from '05 output

Arizona's all cotton production for 2006 is estimated at 583,000 bales, 6 percent lower than the final 2005 production. All acres for harvest at 195,000 are down 38,100 acres from ‘05. The all cotton yield at 1,435 pounds per acre is up 154 pounds from last year.

Upland cotton production is expected at 570,000 bales, down 7 percent from the ‘05 crop. Yield is estimated at 1,455 pounds per acre, compared to 1,289 pounds per acre in ‘05. Harvested acreage at 188,000 acres is down from 229,000 acres harvested in ‘05. Arizona's American-Pima production is estimated at 13,000 bales for ‘06. The harvested area is estimated at 7,000 acres for an average yield of 891 pounds per acre.

U.S. Upland cotton production is estimated at 21 million bales, up 2 percent from the Dec. 1 forecast but 10 percent below the '05 record high production. The U.S. yield for Upland cotton is estimated at 811 pounds per acre, up 21 pounds from last month but 14 pounds below last year's yield. The harvested acreage at 12.4 million acres is down less than 1 percent from last month and 8 percent below last year. The Upland planted area estimated at 14.9 million acres is 7 percent above last year.

American-Pima producers planted 326,000, up 21 percent from last year. California producers planted a record high 275,000 acres. The increase in U.S. planted acreage led to a 20 percent increase from last year in harvested area with 323,500 acres harvested. Production is estimated at 756,000 bales, up 4 percent from last month and 20 percent above last year.

Arizona's cottonseed production for '06 is estimated at 223,000 tons, down 15 percent from ‘05. U.S. cottonseed production is expected to total 7.63 million tons, down 7 percent from ‘05.

Arizona durum wheat seedings for '07 are estimated at 80,000 acres, up 5,000 acres from ‘06. Other wheat seedings at 3,000 acres are down 1,000 acres from last year.

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