Ayrsta cotton defoliant registered in California

Adios cotton defoliant from Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation has been registered for use in California by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

“The registration is excellent news for cotton growers in California because it provides consistent defoliation with better results across a wide range of environments,” says Royce Schulte, product manager.

“Adios gives you more flexibility because it can be applied in most weather conditions, including when it is warm or cool.

“This application flexibility is important because when growers choose to harvest their cotton, it greatly impacts the yield and quality of the crop.”

The defoliant contains the same active ingredients as Ginstar, a combination of Thidiazuron and Diuron. However, Adios cotton defoliant has a new formulation that delivers consistent results at a great value.

The controlled, efficient entry of Adios into the leaf surface provides maximum leaf drop. This occurs without rapid, sudden leaf burning common to other cotton defoliants.

To obtain application rates and access label information please visit the Web site www.arystalifescience.com.

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