Change is a better guarantee than death and taxes

There is an old adage which says the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. A third guarantee should be added to the list.

On death, no one has yet figured out how to cheat death. Bazillions of dollars have been spent on cryopreservation and other procedures in the search for human immortality. These efforts aim to save a dying or dead body and bring it back to life through future technology with the brain and other essential body parts intact.

Taxes are perceived by many as a misspelled four-letter word. Taxes are necessary to create and preserve essential infrastructure and provide essential safety nets. The real issue is HOW to define necessity. Everyone has a different viewpoint.

The website says the average U.S. citizen in 2005 paid 54.4 percent of their income in taxes; a whopping half-plus of your hard-earned money plus. This means less financial return for hard-working Americans.

A third guarantee in life is ‘change.’ Life invokes a plethora of changes – positive and negative and some are fair and unfair. Simply put - that’s life.

A personal example of change pertains to my college radio station co-worker Mac McAnally. Mac and I were volunteers at 10-megawatt WMSB Radio (a powerhouse in those days) in the mid 1970s while Communications degree students at Mississippi State University. Mac was the music director while I directed the news department at the alternative rock station.

Since then, change has enveloped Mac’s life. Mac earned his way to the top of the music industry. Today, Mac is a successful American music singer-songwriter, session musician, and has 11 albums under his belt (I still have the first two ‘LPs'). Mac is a member of famed musician Jimmy Buffets’ Coral Reefer Band.

In college, Mac always donned white-bib overalls while slouched back in a metal chair; his shoulders covered by long streams of red hair. Congratulations, Mac. You've done good.

Another tidbit of change was noted recently in a television commercial by a major pet product supplier which called those who own pets as ‘pet parents’ instead of pet owners. As pet lovers will attest, a lifetime spent in the care and nurture of a pet delivers huge rewards for both sides.

My wife and I put our 17-year-old beloved dog Snowball to sleep a year ago due to medical issues related to old age. The term pet owner has always been a proud title we’ve prized. Pet owner is a far more appropriate title than pet parent.

The pet parent term conjures up thoughts of giving human equally to animals which is not what the Good Book says. Some animal rights extremist groups use such subtle word changes to endorse equal footing between people and animals. It can be a ‘round the bush’ way to end commercial livestock production, surrendering the carnivore diet for a plant-only vegan diet by changing laws and regulations which further restrict ranchers’ ability to raise livestock.

Change permeates through agriculture in more productive ways. The long list includes the creation of genetically-modified crops to help feed a world population projected to increase by two to three billion mouths in the next 40 years on less water and farmable acreage.

Those in agriculture have heard this phrase many times – ‘Farmers and ranchers are the original environmentalists.’ This remains applicable today as producers endorse change to further sustainabilty and reduce agriculture’s environmental footprint even more.

Change is good overall; a much better guarantee than death and taxes. 

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