Domino’s Pizza decision based on science, not extremists

Domino’s Pizza, with its 9,000 stores worldwide, makes one of the best-tasting pizza pies in the U.S. Just recently, Domino’s Pizza became a closer ally of U.S. hog producers.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company made headlines - a "stink" of sorts – which have farmers and ranchers across the country in the party mode. The aggies are converging together for "ag pizza parties" featuring Domino’s Pizza while toasting the company as a major buyer of farm commodities.

The parties are in response to Domino’s recent and heroic vote to make pizza-topping decisions based on science and not on extremist organizations. Many such groups target agriculture to end livestock production and force a vegetarian lifestyle on consumers.

Science has proven that gestation sow stalls are the best way to protect and nurture pregnant sows near birth. Allowing a sow "in the family way" to run through fields of sunflowers and daisies plus open streams while snorting out Kumbaya song lyrics before the birthing event is far from the best interest of the sow and her soon to be delivered, cute-as-a-button offspring.

Gestation stalls are metal pens where pregnant sows remain standing close to delivery. Hog farmers view the stalls as an important tool to protect the pregnant sow from injury. The stall protects the mom-to-be from injuring herself and other nearby animals. When the piglets are born, the stall keeps the mother from accidently laying down on her newborn and crushing them.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), an environmental bully organization with deep tentacles of suspicious funding, has strictly pushed Domino’s to buy pork from farms without gestation-sow stalls. In fact, HSUS bought Domino’s stock so a stockholder vote could be held on the issue.

The headlines from the Domino’s Pizza stakeholders meeting highlight the member vote cast on the issue. By a whopping 80-percent margin, members voted to reject the HSUS call to put gestation stalls out to pasture. Just as notable, a measly 4 percent of stockholders voted in favor of the gestation stall ban. Sixteen percent abstained from the vote.

Domino’s decision is just the opposite of decisions made by hamburger giants Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s who have embraced ending gestation stall use.

As Jeannette Fish, executive director of the Maricopa County Farm Bureau (Arizona), said in a recent e-mail to farmer and rancher members, “The bottom line is Domino’s shareholders decided to leave animal husbandry to the experts – the farmers – instead of the animal rights activists.”

The next time farmers and ranchers decide to order a Domino’s Pizza, Fish recommends printing out a "Thank You Domino’s Pizza" card available on Facebook. Give the card to Domino’s drivers when a pizza is delivered or to Domino’s employees when pizza is picked up at a store.

Here is the thank-you link:

Make my pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage - hold the anchovies. 

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