Environmental radicals have not heard final whistle

Environmental radicals have not heard final whistle

It ain’t over til it’s over,” Yogi says.

Persistence is an admirable quality. Yet, there is always the ninth inning and a fourth quarter. Game’s over is reality.

My friends at the Center for Food Safety, Beyond Pesticides, National Family Farm Coalition, The Cornucopia Institute, Dakota Resource Council, Western Organization of Resource Councils, California Farmers Union and others of a similar political breed apparently have not heard the final gun or read the scoreboard. This group of so-called consumer advocates is once again going to court to halt the sale of Roundup Ready alfalfa.

They are appealing the ruling of federal district court Judge Samuel Conti earlier this year affirming USDA’s reauthorization of Roundup Ready alfalfa and denying a Center for Food Safety motion that USDA’s decision be vacated. This opened up the door again to commercial Roundup Ready seed sales.

This wacko group of so called non-profits has challenged that ruling in the Ninth Court of Appeals — claiming among other things — that the unregulated use of RRA will result in the transgenic contamination of organic alfalfa.

“They face the tough challenge of claiming damage before they have been damaged,” says Philip Bowles of Los Banos, Calif., immediate past president of the California Alfalfa and Forage Association.

Damage to organic crops from biotech crops flies in the face of the propaganda put out by the Organic Trade Association that claims continued growth in the organic food industry even though the vast majority of U.S. acreage is planted to biotech crops.

OTA claims an organic food growth of 9.5 percent to reach a dubious $31.5 billion in sales. Where are all these organic crops being grown if 85 percent of the nation’s farmland is in contaminating biotech varieties?

Certainly not in areas where the RR alfalfa case appeal claims vast swaths of the food supply are already “contaminated” by unintended transfer of GMO genes. Seem to be some coexistence there or someone is lying.

“What puzzles me is how Fox News has managed to hide the millions of deaths that must be occurring every year from all of this horrible contaminated food,” Bowles says.

“Of course, the bigger issue is that their trade group has established a silly, ambiguous and unrealistic standard, and they are unwilling to educate their consumers about this, strictly because of their own commercial interests,” Bowles said.

In their appeal, this parasitic legal cartel claims at least 326 occurrences of transgenic contamination since 1996.

What was damaged? Who became ill? What were the consequences of those incidents?

They also claim that inadequate handling of RR alfalfa seed could lead to contamination of organic crops. I hope they win this one so conventional and biotech alfalfa seed companies can countersue for illusive damage from contamination of inferior organic, non-certified seed.

This RR alfalfa charade has gone on long enough for people to understand that it is legal harassment practiced to generate income for these non-profit groups.

Fact is a herd of horses is out of the barn on biotech crops and Roundup Ready alfalfa specifically. However, in deference to the persistent who don’t understand that, guess you can’t stop a steer from trying.

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