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Extreme environmental groups try to spoil ‘Happy Holidays’

Christmastime, the days before and just after, are considered special times for families to join together, celebrate their holiday religious beliefs, and let go of the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Unfortunately the incessant begging of extreme environmental groups during this special time of the year fails to take a hiatus.

I receive a boatload of e-mails daily in my Western Farm Press Inbox. It was incredible to check my e-mail after the Christmas weekend to learn the number of e-mails had almost evaporated, except for several California and Arizona weather forecast messages.

Unfortunately, the other two e-mails sent Christmas weekend were from environmental groups soliciting donations.

Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook shared how great the holidays were with his wife and son. Congratulations, Mr. Cook, glad you enjoyed the great family time.

Yet his next sentence read that he had just received a call from the EWG’s development vice-president, saying year-end fundraising was down and the organization needed to raise $45,000 by that midnight to get back on track.

They asked me – their proclaimed “friend” – to, in essence, forego my family time, drop everything, and contribute immediately to their cause. While not surprised, I was insulted by this poorly-timed begging. It definitely crossed the line.

And it wasn’t just the poor solicitation timing of the EWG. A same-day message from agriculture’s ‘fine friends’ at PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – sent out a message claiming that “industries that abuse and kill animals for the sake of fashion, food, and more are working tirelessly to cripple our ability to expose and stop their horrific cruelty.”

PETA asked for a $5 or more donation by Dec. 31 – at least not the same day as with the EWG – to help them derail agribusiness. PETA chimed, “Wealthy agribusiness interests are doing everything that they can think of to keep PETA out of their dirty, abusive farm operations and slaughterhouses and to keep PETA members from learning about the horrifying cruelty on meat, egg, and dairy industry farms (including some that claim to be “humane”) and in slaughterhouses.”

In my opinion, these types of e-mails are a form of backroom bullying. Christmas is not the time or place to conduct desperate attempts to raise money.


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