Organic tomatoes are harvested in western Fresno County Calif

Organic tomatoes are harvested in western Fresno County, Calif.

I don't pick it, pull it, pluck it, plow it or plant it

I am not a farmer. I did not grow up on a farm. I was not raised in a barn.

I do not:

  • Pick it, pull it, pluck it, plow it, plant it, prune it, or pack it
  • Rip it, reap it or rake it
  • Grow it, graze it or raise it
  • Cut it, chop it or top it
  • Get up at 2 a.m. to feed it, milk it or water it
  • Need a row to hoe or mow.

I buy my water by the bottle, not the acre foot.

My home office does not include multiple filing cabinets with documents, forms and letters from the USDA, EPA, DPR, FDA, air board, water board, brand inspector, or the milk inspector. I do not get random, unannounced visits from an alphabet soup of agencies in white pickups wanting to inspect my operation while I’m trying to sign payroll.

I am an American consumer. I rely upon the American farmer to do all these things and more so I can simply buy it, cook it and eat it.

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