Springtime in California

While much of the United States shivers under ice and snow, California and Arizona residents are enjoying near-perfect springtime weather.

Join us for California and Arizona's near-perfect weather

Is there anything else we can talk about in California besides water? Anything at all?

Oh, yes. The weather in California and Arizona is near-perfect!

While people across much of the United States suffer under snow and ice and run as quickly to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as humanly possible to let the world know this fact, I’ve decided I’m going to run to the aforementioned social media outlets and let the world know that the weather is perfect here in California.

So what (yes, I’m being sarcastic) if it hasn’t rained or snowed in three years around here and lakes are going dry: our weather is perfect!

A show of hands: Who else is tired of seeing photos on social media of snow and ice?

On a recent trip to the low desert of southern California to talk – what else but water – with some Imperial County growers, I drove through the winter playground of the rich and famous. Given the spectacular scenery there this time of year with the snowcapped peaks above Palm Springs and the iconic palm trees that line pristine streets in this desert region, I had enough. It was time to post my own photos to social media.

Sorry – no houses buried; no open doors with the dog standing there staring at a wall of snow; no freeway pileups because of three inches of ice (common sense, people!) and no television meteorologists in polar suits taking selfies.

Aside from the weather app screen capture that showed sunny and 72 in Bakersfield, all I could come up with were swimming pools glistening under a warm sun and palm trees that provided a framed foreground to a blue-sky backdrop.

Yes, perhaps my photos were a bit boring, but who cares? I wasn’t pushing a snow blower from the front door to the mailbox. I was dressed comfortably for California’s perfect weather. They’d have been better if I could have ventured to the beach and filled them with neon swimsuits of… well, you get the picture! That wasn’t why I was there though.

Have we all gone more than a bit overboard with this whole social media thing? There for a while all we saw were photos of plates of food by people who apparently had nothing better in life to do than photograph their plates of food and announce it to the world.

Lately it’s been photographs showing the results of Mother Nature’s temper tantrum and her argument with Old Man Winter in much of the country. We’re tired of it America! 

Just you wait – our turn is coming! It’ll soon be above 100 degrees here in California and Arizona. For the next six months, the rest of you will have to put up with our photos of triple-digit outside temperature readings from the dashboards and rear-view mirrors of cars and trucks.

I’ll be outside enjoying the sunny, warm skies if you need me.

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