'Nice Rides in Ag' emerges from Old Yeller commentary

A few weeks back I wrote about my trip in Old Yeller to the Good Guys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, Calif. Old Yeller is my Pro Street 1955 Chevy sedan.

What a response! I knew there were gearheads in ag. I have been into many shops with a hot rod or some old car in the corner of the shed. I just figured there were more antique farm equipment buffs than gearheads.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the response. And several of the emails came with photos of great rides, which leads to the point of this commentary/blog. The response was so great, there will be a new Web feature at westernfarmpress.com: photo features of cars and trucks owned by people in agriculture. We’ll call it Nice Rides in Ag.

We already have three or four cars to feature. Small photos of the rides to be featured in the future are sprinkled in this commentary.

If you have a nice ride you’d like to see featured at westernfarmpress.com, send me ([email protected]) a half dozen or so nice photos (preferably in a farm setting) of your ride with a brief description of the vehicle and tell me a little about what you do in agriculture. If there are enough responses, we might even hold the very first on-line car show with a trophy going to the best featured car of 2013. Car guys love trophies. We spend thousands to earn them.

One of those to be featured will be fellow gearhead and agronomist Rod House’s gorgeous 1952 Chevy hard top with a hefty 545 Ford under the hood.

I had seen Rod’s car before in local car shows and when we exchanged emails, we discovered we are neighbors looking forward to getting together for coffee soon to bench race.

After Rod told me about his car, he wrote, “The way I see it you and ‘Old Yeller’ have one more bridge to cross, run it at the drags. I ran the 52 last April at a test and tune at Famoso. Once you get past the fact that they don’t have flag guys anymore and you have to watch blinking yellow lights, it was a major rush. Of course when you are 70 years old and run 11:624 at 116 mph in the quarter mile, it does get the old heart pumping.”

Stay tuned for the drag race of the century between two guys whose ages total 140.

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