Obama and Romney: Muslim name vs. Mormon fame

Every presidential race is unique, but when there’s a pedigreed Mormon running against an African American with a Muslim name — the oddity quotient is off the charts. Just a few years back, if you’d have told me the U.S. presidential race would feature a black guy with a middle name of Hussein against a white guy with a Mormon apostle as his great-great-grandfather; I would have ridden the odds with all the money I could gather or steal — cash on the barrelhead.

Yeah, sure, call me a bigot for pointing out the obvious.

No, I don’t believe Obama is a secret Muslim and I don’t believe Romney is wearing magic Mormon underwear beneath his suit — but come on, the Barry vs. Mitt race is not quite standard fare.

The November Tuesday train is roaring around the bend toward a confused American electorate. Even the most ardent of Democratic devotees don’t have much to crow about after four years with Obama behind the wheel. How about: “Economy sputtering, gay rights surging.” Nahhh, that won’t play well. “Health care now, and debt for generations.” Nope, that dog won’t hunt either.

While Democrats search in vain for a pretty presentation package to stuff Obama in, Republicans are ginning up their own platform slogans: “War on women? Never! Ask Todd Akin!” Errr, maybe not. “Afghanistan and the 50-year withdrawal plan.” Passss.

The next couple of months promise a great show, with Obama shackled by ball-and-chain comparisons to the Carter administration; and Romney still unable to convince voters that he isn’t the Republican version of John Kerry. You know there’s a disconnect when rally supporters stampede over Romney to shake Paul Ryan’s hand.

U.S. democracy is waged in the ditch, and the political air will soon be filled with mud, spittle and garbage. It’s a political cage match that has produced the most unlikely of presidential winners: soldier, schoolteacher, lawyer, rancher, editor, engineer, haberdasher, farmer, actor, and many more.

Obama and Romney are both odd, unlikely candidates — and that’s the beauty of a political system like no other in history.

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