Signs are amusing medicine; just ask a penguin

While traveling out of state recently, I saw a sign near a business which made me laugh. It read, ‘Warning – all unattended children will be given a double espresso and a free puppy.’

A good hearty laugh is much needed these days as we lead such incredibly busy lives. Between overloaded schedules, crammed e-mail inboxes, and working long hours, there seems to be insufficient time to just stop and enjoy life.

After the funny sign sighting, a 15-minute cruise on the Internet revealed a plethora of funny signs with ensuing laughter. Here are several of the funny musings.

A sign posted in a serene rural area next to a pasture read, ‘Please Be Safe. Do Not Stand, Sit, Climb, or Lean on Fences. If You Fall, Animals Could Eat You and That May Make Them Sick. Thank you.’ What about the people? Perhaps this was a new government-mandated disclaimer for livestock producers.

One ‘sign’ was actually a photo snapped of purported city workers painting the word ‘School’ on the asphalt road near a school. The huge yellow colored letters spelled ‘S H C O O L.’ The workers were at the right place for a spelling lesson.

One sign posted outside a gas station and restaurant said it all, ‘Sherrill’s Eat Here and Get Gas.’ Gas-related jokes tend to make people laugh until they have to pony up with a credit card at the gas pump. Then the laugh is on them.

Another road sign stated, ‘Caution – Water on Road During Rain.’ Duh! Another sign next to it could have read, ‘Imbeciles At Work.’

Another sign in a rural area included a simple drawing of a cow with an image underneath of a person and a sheep. My interpretation was the road was fine for cattle to cross but not sheep and their herders.

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A highway sign warned motorists to stop ahead. It read, ‘Emergency 174 KM Ahead.’ Translation - that’s 108 miles ahead. Better stop at Sherrill’s first for food and gas.

A sign outside an office door read, ‘Elevator Located in Women’s Handbags.’

Farmers and consumers can well appreciate the photo showing a ‘Healthy Food’ sign in a grocery store with an arrow pointed down to the M&Ms, Snickers, and other nutritious candies.

And last, a sign for visitors at Table Mountain National Park announced, ‘Warning – Please Look Under Your Car for Penguins.’

Humor is great medicine. We just have to look for the ‘signs’ of it.

Now it’s time to get back to our busy lives.

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