Thanksgiving blessings: food, football and Netflix

With Thanksgiving just days away, it’s time for the annual gathering around the table with family and friends to partake in the feast provided by agriculture’s “farm-to-fork” miracle.

Thanksgiving’s traditional feast of golden-brown turkey (first dibs on the drumstick), homemade stuffing, fresh cranberries, green bean casserole, and sweet endings of pumpkin and pecan pie are among the thousands of reasons we celebrate this special holiday.

The stomach-packing event at the Blake’s includes the traditional feast followed by the Turkey Day football game between the Detroit Lions and their opponent.

This agricultural journalist began his career covering Michigan’s diverse agriculture and developed an allegiance to Lions’ football and the forever-enshrined mantra – “Once a Lions’ fan, always a Lions’ fan.”

Unfortunately, the Lions traditionally lose the Thanksgiving pigskin brouhaha.

There is one additional reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving. The brutal election process is over. The insane and obnoxious television political advertisements have ended.

The only winners during the election season were television, radio, newspaper, and website owners.

The constant barrage of political TV attacks delivered many disgusting jabs which portrayed an angelic, heaven-destined hero candidate (the sponsor) versus the devilish opponent. To paint a candidate’s opponent in such a manner was downright appalling.

To turn the tables on this insult to intelligence, the Netflix movie service became a popular feature at the Blake household. Great satisfaction was gained by clicking the remote control to gain a more meaningful viewing option.

As we prepare to circle the Thanksgiving table in scarf-down mode, let’s give credit to where credit is due – agriculture and its farmers, ranchers, farm workers, processors, and shippers.

We are the best fed nation on Earth and not by happenstance. Agriculture’s well-oiled feeding machine provides us with the most abundant and affordable food supply in the world.

One U.S. farmer produces enough food and fiber to feed themselves and 128 others.

Thank you for a job well done. We appreciate YOU. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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