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2018 class of the Sprint Corporate Accelerator announced

Class includes precision dairy company and company developing robotic systems to administer animal health products.

Nine companies are participating in the fifth annual Sprint Accelerator program, which is located in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Mo.

The Corporate Accelerator is a 90-day, immersive program. Startups in IoT, Ag Tech and Dairy Food Products work directly with leaders from Sprint, Dairy Farmers of America and CoBank as well as other industry experts and mentors.

“We have a diverse and exciting group of companies joining our program this year,” said Doug Dresslaer, Managing Director of the Sprint Accelerator. “For Sprint, we’ve recruited companies that align with our IoT team’s core business strategies and for DFA, we’ve not only brought in cutting-edge agricultural technology companies, but we also have three dairy food product companies in this year’s cohort.”

“We’ve found tremendous value in this program and leveraging innovation that’s happening with startup companies in the ag tech space,” said Kevin Strathman, senior vice president of finance at Dairy Farmers of America. “For year two, we’re focused not only on building partnerships that can help solve problems and benefit our members on their farms, but it’s exciting to add dairy food startups into the mix. We’re looking forward to working with these companies to help grow their businesses and ultimately drive consumer demand for dairy.” 

AgTech vertical participants

  1. Pharm Robotics from San Jacinto, Calif., is developing robotic systems to automate administration of animal health products in dairy cows.
  2. Ripe Technologies from San Francisco, Calif., is transforming the food supply chain using blockchain technology to enable data transparency, so we know where are food is from and what has happened to it.
  3. SomaDetect from Fredericton, Canada, is a precision-dairy company that is creating an in-line system for measuring every compound of interest in raw milk, including fat, protein, somatic cells, progesterone and trace antibiotics.

Dairy food product vertical participants

  1. Cheddies from San Antonio, Texas, aims to provide all consumers with a cheese cracker that has added nutritional benefits. These benefits include 10g of protein, 12g of carbohydrates, no artificial flavors or colors and 0g of sugar.
  2. MoPro Nutrition from Birmingham, Mich., is the first Greek yogurt infused with CFM Whey Protein Isolate that contains 24 grams of protein per serving and is low in sugar.
  3. Too Cool Chix from New York, N.Y., creates delicious, all-natural ice cream sandwiches free of artificial ingredients and stabilizing gums.

IoT vertical participants

  1. Keybot from St. Louis, Mo., helps automate rental access with proprietary keypad lock and app through self-showings and renter and maintenance access.
  2. Luxe Concierge from Kansas City, Mo., has a mobile app that allows apartment residents to book and manage services like housekeeping, dog walking and dry cleaning pick up.
  3. Sofihub from Melbourne, Australia, is a digital assisted living solution using Artificial Intelligence and sensor technology to support seniors to live independently.

Source: Sprint

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