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Advanta Seeds opens biotech facility at Texas A&M

The center will accelerate Advanta Seeds research and development capabilities for the company’s key crops.

Advanta Seeds has opened a new state-of-the-art biotechnology facility at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

The center will accelerate Advanta Seeds research and development capabilities for the company’s key crops - sorghum, corn, vegetables sunflower, canola and rice.

“The completion of this new biotechnology center is part of our corporate commitment to farmers and food security,” said Bhupen Dubey, Advanta Seeds CEO. "The UPL Group, that Advanta Seeds is a part of, invests heavily into the agriculture future. It all started with finding the best research partner compatible with our R&D projects and technology which led us to Texas A&M AgriLife Research. We have considered 10 candidates from countries where our business operates, but Texas A&M AgriLife Research proved to be the best choice with clear and business-friendly policies which is crucial for making available new technologies to farmers quickly. Additionally, the state of Texas has very clear regulations and policies regarding seeds import, which is very important for conducting international research."

The Advanta CS Biotechnology Center will support Advanta Seeds local and international research programs. College Station is furthermore an important location for one of Advanta Seeds key crops - grain and forage sorghum.

“We are a leading company in sorghum traits development and providing farmers with the most suitable seeds and technology for their environment. We are the first company in the U.S. who launched Aphix, the SCA tolerance range of sorghum hybrids,” said Ben Adams, Advanta Seeds Business Director North America.

“The new center is created based on Advanta’s 60 years of experience in plant genetics, latest technology and the best of talent,” said Dr. Alberto Leon, Advanta Seeds Global R&D Director.

Source: PRWeb, Advanta Seeds


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