Cal-EPA approves Bayer's Leverage 2.7 insecticide for multiple cotton pests

California cotton growers now can control multiple pests with one convenient application. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has accepted the registration of Leverage 2.7 Suspension Emulsion Insecticide from Bayer Corp.

"California growers will discover what growers from other parts of the country have learned in recent seasons - no cotton insecticide controls more pests than Leverage," says Jimmy Johnson, cotton product marketing manager for Bayer. "We expect it to be an excellent fit for California cotton production."

Leverage provides control of multiple pests, including worms, weevils, aphids, thrips and lygus along with other secondary pests - without the hassles of tank-mixing.

Leverage combines two proven modes of action for greater efficacy, a broader control spectrum and reduced likelihood of resistance.

Leverage allows growers to make one application to control primary cotton insects, while keeping secondary pest populations in check. This means growers don't have to re-spray due to building populations of secondary pests missed by narrow-spectrum products.

Leverage works through direct contact or ingestion. It is effective against chewing and various sucking pests, including pink bollworm, aphid, lygus and stinkbug. Leverage provides excellent control in both conventional and Bt cotton, Johnson adds.

"Multiple pest control makes Leverage the ideal foundation for an insect management program in conventional cotton. It complements a Bt cotton program by controlling bollworm escapes and other pests that the Bt misses," Johnson said.

"Based on what we have seen in our field trials across the Cotton Belt, we believe Leverage will be an excellent pest management tool for growers in California."

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