CALAMCO hires new President/CEO

Chairman of the Board, Alan Freese, announced the hiring of Robert Brown as the new President and CEO of CALAMCO. Brown replaces Bob Smith who is retiring after 47 years with CALAMCO. To ensure an effective and smooth transition for CALAMCO and its shareholders, Bob Smith will remain at CALAMCO until the end of the year and will play a key role in the transition of leadership.

Brown was formerly with Land-O-Lakes located in Tulare, California and held the position of Vice President of Manufacturing. Brown was responsible for all California operations. His many years of experience in supply and distribution, labor relations, and the development of a joint venture with an international company will be key to the success of CALAMCO’s future. Working in the co-op environment has given him an understanding of interacting with a Board of Directors, as well as agriculture producers.

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