California Ag Leadership class has 27 new students

The California Agricultural Leadership Program has selected 27 California agriculturalists to become fellows in the new class beginning this month.

The class is the 34th selected on behalf of the Agricultural Education Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1970 and governed by a voluntary board of directors. Fellowships are funded solely through private donations.

According to Holly King, board member and Agricultural Programs Manager at the Great Valley Center in Modesto, “this diverse California class of 19 men and eight women includes 18 individuals who work directly with the production of agricultural commodities. The other fellows serve in farm and water management policy, education, engineering and businesses that concentrate on agricultural issues.

This class achieves the goal of the Program which is to prepare and motivate men and women in agriculture for more effective leadership.”

The two-year education program, valued at $45,000 per person, consists of 14 seminars held at four California universities. The leadership curriculum focuses on developing communication and collaboration skills, using networking and decision-making for impact and reinforcing an awareness of the critical issues facing agriculture. Broadening cultural understanding is facilitated by an educational travel study to Washington, D.C., and an additional region in the United States in the first year as well as an educational travel study the second year to a culturally-diverse foreign country.

Offered fellowships in Class 34 by the California Agricultural Leadership Program are: Aaron Barcellos, Los Banos; Christopher Carpenter, Napa; Christina Cimino, Salinas; Todd Collins, San Luis Obispo; Daniel Conners, Atascadero; Douglas DeVaney, Corcoran; Jean Errotabere, Riverdale; Chad Garone, Bakersfield; Chris Glynn, Paso Robles; Ned Hill, Sonoma; Robert Todd Houlding, Madera; Elizabeth Hund, San Francisco; Tracy Kahn, Riverside; Kevin Kenagy, Brawley; Leslie Leavens-Crowe, Santa Paula; Thomas Lucas, Redondo Beach; Michael McDowell, Walnut Grove; Teri Murrison, La Grange; Julia Richardson, Huntington Beach; Eric Seely, Kelseyville; Ayron Schoneman, El Centro; Herb Simmons, Visalia; Patricia Stever, Sacramento; Christopher Tatum, San Francisco; Jack Vessey, El Centro; Robert Vevoda, Ferndale; Norman Yenni, Sonoma.

The California Agricultural Leadership Program has a roster of more than 900 alumni, that include two U.S. congressmen, the former California secretary of state and more than 37 elected national, state and local officials. Our alumni actively participate in the recruitment and selection process of class fellows.

Persons interested in additional information regarding eligibility requirements, time commitment and the application process may write to: California Agricultural Leadership Program, PO Box 6058, Atascadero, CA 93423. The program Web site is and calls may be made to (805) 461-7070.

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