California field, fruit, and nut crops

Field crops

Oat, barley, winter forage, and wheat fields continued to grow well due to the ongoing rain. Across the state, ground preparation for grain and silage corn experienced some delay due to wet conditions. Dry land grain continued to emerge due to recent rains. Spring alfalfa fields continued to emerge with some fields being treated with herbicides. Dormant alfalfa herbicide applications were almost completed in Merced County. Spring sugar beet fields continued growing well with some being fertilized, irrigated, cultivated and treated to control insects, weeds and diseases.

Fruit crops

Excess moisture delayed some orchard and vineyard activities. Spraying was still underway to break dormancy on orchards as weather permitted. Orchard planting also remained underway. Pruning in orchards and vineyards was complete in some areas. Tree fruit growers were getting insect trapping programs ready for the new season. Cherries continued to bud, but were not yet blossoming. New strawberry plants were growing well in Tulare County. In Fresno County plastic covers were being removed from plants to allow growth. Excess rain caused damage in some strawberry fields in the southern parts of the State. Production levels fell as a result. Blueberry bush planting was still underway. Navel oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit and pummelos were being harvested, but soggy soils delayed picking. Some growers were expecting to begin Valencia harvest ahead of schedule. Hail damage was seen in some citrus groves but the full extent of damage was not known. Some olive growers in Fresno County were pruning and topping trees.

Nut crops

Almond trees were budding in Kern County but had not begun to blossom. Almond growers were still assessing damage from winds that blew down trees. Dormant spraying was winding down.

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