California fruit and nut crops

Fruit crops

Grape growers irrigated cultivated, tied vines, and applied treatments for weeds, diseases and insects. Pruning was mostly complete. Brush was windrowed and shredded. Stone fruit growers were also irrigating and applying treatments to control weeds and insects. Dormant sprays were applied. Buds were swelling in some early variety stone fruit orchards. Spring strawberries were growing well and new blueberry bush planting continued. Warmer weather increased rind puff and fruit drop in Navel orange orchards. Navel picking continued, including the harvest of Cara Cara oranges. Minneola tangelos, Murcott tangerines, Melo Gold grapefruit, Chandler pummelos, as well as lemons were being picked. Olive tree pruning was still underway.

Nut crops

Almond buds were swelling with bloom expected soon. Almond, pistachio, and walnut groves were still being pruned. Dormant sprays were still being applied in some areas. New almonds and walnuts were planted. Trees downed from January winds were still being cleaned up.

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