California grain and rice stocks

On March 1, 2008, California wheat stocks in all positions totaled 186 thousand tons, 21 percent below a year earlier. Off-farm corn stocks were 28 percent above March 2007. Barley off-farm stocks were 41 percent below March 2007. Oats totaled 5.17 thousand tons in California off-farm storage facilities as of March 1. U.S. wheat stocks in all positions were 17 percent below a year earlier as of March 1. Oat stocks were up 11 percent, and barley stocks were down 10 percent. U.S. corn stocks in all positions totaled 192 million tons, and sorghum grain stocks totaled 5.20 million tons.

Stocks of milled rice stored in California mills and warehouses on March 1, 2008 totaled 2.01 million cwt. This was 20 percent above the 1.67 million cwt. stored a year earlier. Whole kernels accounted for 83 percent of the total milled rice in storage. Nationally, milled rice stocks in all positions on March 1 totaled 5.60 million cwt., up 23 percent from a year ago. California rough rice stocks in all positions totaled 27.5 million cwt. on March 1, 2008. This was 14 percent above the 24.1 million cwt. on hand a year earlier. Nationally, rough rice in all positions on March 1 totaled 104 million cwt., down less than 1 percent from the total on March 1, 2007.

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