California NASS: field, fruit, nut, vegetable crop update

Here’s the latest news on different crops in California courtesy of the Sacramento, Calif., field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Services, as of Jan. 11.

Field crops

Field work continued with ground preparation, cultivation, irrigation and weed control in alfalfa, barley, oat, rye and wheat fields. Winter wheat and grains were being planted in Tulare County. Early plantings were progressing well after recent wet weather.

Rice growers continued to reshape berms and level paddies. Rice fields were being cultivated, bedded, fertilized and irrigated to prepare for spring planting. Specialty potatoes were harvested; planting of spring potatoes will begin soon.

Fruit crops

Vineyard spraying, pruning, and tying took place as well as cane shredding and removal of old vines. Raspberry and strawberry nursery stock digging and trimming continues. Orchard pruning and herbicide spraying occurred in stone fruit orchards.

The citrus fruit harvest slowed in some areas due to weather. The citrus harvest included Clementines, Navel oranges, tangerines, lemons, and Melo Gold, Oro Blanco, and Cocktail grapefruit.

Nut crops

Pruning and spraying took place in almond, walnut and pistachio orchards. Pre-plant fumigation was underway in new almond and walnut orchards.


Field work for winter crops slowed due to wet weather. Radicchio, carrot, cauliflower, cilantro, and endive harvests continued. Leafy vegetables were harvested. Asparagus fields were being prepared for spring.

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