California rice crop up 9 percent

California farmers produced 43.8 million cwt. of rice in 2007. This was 9 percent above the 40.0 million cwt. produced in 2006. The 2007 crop included 639,000 cwt. of long grain rice, 120 percent above the 290,000 cwt. produced in 2006. Medium grain production totaled 39.2 million cwt., 8 percent above the 2006 crop. Short grain production was 4.03 million cwt., 10 percent above the previous year. The overall yield of 8,220 pounds per acre was 560 pounds above 2006.

United States rice production in 2007 totaled 197 million cwt., up 2 percent from last years crop. Planted area, at 2.76 million acres, is down 3 percent from 2006. Area for harvest, at 2.75 million acres, is also down 3 percent from last year. The average yield for all U.S. rice is estimated at a record high 7,185 pounds per acre, 317 pounds above the 2006 yield.

On Dec. 1, California rough rice stocks in all positions totaled 38.2 million cwt., 7 percent above last year. Off-farms stocks including stocks at mills, elevators, warehouses, ports and in transit, totaled 35.4 million cwt. of the total rough rice stored. Stocks being stored on farms accounted for 2.83 million cwt.

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