Californians part of crops survey

Approximately 2,400 California farmers and ranchers are a part of a national sample of producers contacted for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's December Agricultural Survey.

The survey was conducted during the first half of December by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The information collected will be used to make state estimates of field crop production, grain and hay stocks, small grain seedings and livestock, which will be combined into regional and National estimates.

“This survey is important in making accurate crop and livestock estimates, which provide a basis for an orderly marketing system,” said Vic Tolomeo, director of the California Agricultural Statistics Service. “An orderly marketing system is essential to all involved in agriculture. Farmers selected for the survey were to be notified by letter and contacted by a CASS representative.”

In addition to general release to the public and press, the survey findings will go to government policy makers and farm organizations, which use the survey results to help develop farm policy positions. Other users include universities, Extension agents, farm management consultants, agricultural lenders, and businesses that provide input to farmers.

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