Case IH air system improves seeding, fertilizing

The new Case IH ADX air system is designed with the accuracy, versatility and productivity that producers need to improve seeding and fertilizing operations.

“Crop rotations are an important part of farming today,” says Ken Lehmann, marketing manager for Case IH seeding products. “Case IH ADX air systems provide the versatility needed to gently meter and distribute a wide range of seed sizes and weights, from grasses and small grains to peas and soybeans.

In one pass, the system can meter and deliver seed and fertilizer combinations through multiple hoppers.

Precise metering, accurate product delivery and efficient operation are the hallmarks of every Case IH ADX air system. The system uses a new Down Draft Metering concept, which has three main features to improve accuracy and efficiency in the field.

  • An agitator bar prevents material from building up above the meter to insure a consistent, even flow through the meter.

  • Product is divided into equal portions, one for each primary line in the distribution system.

  • Air and product are mixed in a parallel flow for a smooth transition from the meter box to the distribution system.

The ADX air system offers the option to single, double or triple-shoot, and operators can quickly switch between these options. Producers can also choose between mechanical drive metering, or a variable-rate metering system to change rates on the go.

The ADX air system is used with Case IH Concord seeding tools, as well as Case IH planters and tillage tools to fit any farming system.

Productivity is critical during the seeding season. High-capacity Case IH ADX air systems are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Capacities range from 180 to 360 bushels.

The ADX2180 and 2230 are divided into two compartments with a 40/60 split. Seed and granular fertilizer can be carried in separate compartments to blend on-the-go, dual-shoot for separated placement, or both compartments can be filled with one product to achieve maximum capacity.

The ADX3360 has three integrated polyethylene tanks to carry up to three separate products. The third tank gives the ADX3360 more options to apply seed, fertilizer or granular products in a single pass for maximum efficiency.

Operators can carry more product to the field to keep working longer between refilling stops. As a result, they can seed more acres per day.

The ADX air system also features a new electronic monitor for more precise product delivery. The Agri Check monitor features a multi-line, alphanumeric display and user-friendly set-up.

Ribbon seeding maximizes plant productivity by giving them more room for root development than conventional confined row seeding, resulting in improved yield potential. The ADX air system's double-and triple-shoot capability allows growers to maximize fertilizer efficiency through precise placement in relation to the seed.

The wide range of configuration choices for the ADX system also allow customers to get the most value from the SDX30 single disk no-till drill. The superior residue cutting, precise seed placement, rugged construction and high-speed operation of the SDX30, teams with the accuracy and gentle delivery of the ADX air system to deliver excellent seeding performance.

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