CDFA chemistry lab first in nation

The California Department of Food and Agriculture's Center for Analytical Chemistry (CAC) - which tests for pesticide residues in food and alfatoxin in almonds, among other functions - is the first state laboratory in the nation to be comprehensively accredited to the ISO (International Standards Organization of the United Nations) 17025 standard for testing laboratories.

The designation means that testing performed at the CAC's two labs in Sacramento and Anaheim meets the highest standards for technical competency nationally and internationally, and that results may be evaluated with unassailable confidence.

“We have world-class scientists right here at the Department of Food and Agriculture,” said CDFA Secretary A.G. Kawamura. “We've known that for a long time. And now, a national body that understands the exacting discipline required to achieve that level of performance has recognized and honored our program. My congratulations to the hard working chemists at CDFA who made the accreditation possible.”

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