CGTFL endorses California water plan

The California Grape & Tree Fruit League "enthusiastically supports" Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comprehensive action plan to improve California’s water system. The league commends the governor for his efforts to increase California’s water storage and efficiency and to protect the state’s water quality, according to CGTFL president Barry Bedwell.

With California producing most of this nation’s specialty crops, which include the league’s members’ crops of table grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, pears, kiwi, and cherries, and the desire to produce more fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance the health and nutrition of its citizens, the need to fix California’s water system has never been greater.

”The availability of water is vital to the sustainability of California’s agriculture industry, and the governor’s proposal to provide for adequate storage facilities and to repair the Delta demonstrates his commitment to the needs of not only California agricultural producers but ultimately to its consumers as well," said Bedwell. "His efforts and proposal are met with strong support and appreciation from the League. On behalf of our membership and the greater agriculture community we applaud his efforts.”

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