Cheminova Means Value

Welcome to the first issue of the Tree Nut Farm Press. Cheminova is delighted to be a sponsor of what we believe will be an important tool for tree nut producers. We trust you will find this and future issues to be of tremendous value, with important production and marketing information that will help you grow and market almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans more efficiently.

Let me tell you a little about Cheminova, Inc. and our products. First of all, we are committed to bringing high-quality crop protection products that have good value to America’s farmers. For example, when it comes to controlling naval orange worms in almonds, Nufos® 4E brand chlorpyrifos insecticide is a very effective and economical choice. Other Cheminova products that tree nut producers can count on are ZORO™ brand abamectin miticide/insecticide, Cheminova Dimethoate 4E, Couraze 1.6F, Couraze 2F brand imidacloprid, insecticide, and Glyfos® X-TRA brand glyphosate herbicide.

We pride ourselves on both our people and our products, and on being a leader in marketing post-patent products in ways that bring added value to the end-user. We bring you products that are unique in either formulation, packaging or with the services we provide.

Glyfos X-TRA brand of glyphosate is a broad-spectrum, non-selective, post emergence herbicide that offers tremendous application flexibility when it comes to controlling annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds.

ZORO® Miticide/Insecticide contains abamectin, a fermentation product of the naturally occurring soil bacterium, Streptomyces avermitilis. So when you use ZORO, you’ll save money without sacrificing performance. I’ll be telling you more about ZORO, GLYFOS X-TRA and our other products soon. But you can visit at anytime to learn more about Cheminova and our line of products that can help you grow more efficiently.

Dr. Jim Barrentine

Technical Director, Cheminova, Inc.

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