Christine Long new Almond Board chair

The newly elected members of the Almond Board of California (ABC) have unanimously voted in Christine Long, Hilltop Ranch, Ballico (Merced County), an independent handler, to serve as chairperson for 2008-2009; Doug Youngdahl, Blue Diamond Growers, a cooperative handler, was elected vice-chairperson.

“I’m pleased to be chairing this highly regarded board, and look forward to working with industry members to promote the best quality almonds, California’s largest tree crop,” Long said following her selection.

Newly elected board members are David Phippen (Travaille and Phippen), David Arakelian (Del Rio Nut Co.), and Doug Youngdahl, John Thoming and Bill Brush, all representing Blue Diamond Growers.

Board members reelected, or previously elected and continuing to serve, are Mike Mason (Supreme Almonds of California), Wil Hunter (Hunter Farms), Christine Long (Hilltop Ranch Inc.), Keith Rigg (Minturn Nut Co.), and Dave Baker (Blue Diamond Growers).

Leaving the board this year are Dean Nelson (Sierra Valley Almonds), Susan Brauner (Blue Diamond Growers), Doug Wells (representing Blue Diamond Growers), Rick Kindle (formerly of Gold Hills Nut Co.) and Dan Cummings (representing Blue Diamond Growers).

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