Citrus leafminer field day is Nov. 8 at LREC in Exeter, Calif.

The Lindcove Research and Extension Center (LREC), Exeter, Calif. is sponsoring a Citrus Leafminer Field Day on Nov. 8 at 10:00 a.m. to see firsthand the damage caused by the leafminer and the bug’s various life cycles.

Some pummelo trees at the LREC are infested with citrus leafminer which offers those in the California’s citrus industry a good opportunity to view leaf damage, learn how to recognize leafminer life stages, how to tell the difference between a peelminer and a leafminer, plus discuss leafminer management strategies.

The LREC is located at 22963 Carson Avenue, Exeter.

For more information, contact Beth Grafton-Cardwell at (559) 592-2408.

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