Critical crop protection products require Advisor for stewardship

CDMS has announced that key soil fumigants, critical products for producing the high-value crops in California, will require the use of the Advisor agronomic system beginning May 1.

AMVAC, Chemtura, Certis, Dow AgroSciences and Tessenderlo Kerley (TKI) have all entered into agreements that will require Advisor to be used for writing recommendations for their active ingredients. “Since 1995 Dow AgroSciences has used CDMS to help steward and track the proper use of our Telone soil fumigant portfolio of products. This service is a critical component of providing these essential products to the marketplace,” says Dennis Lane, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager for Dow AgroSciences.

In addition to previous requirements for individual fumigants, Advisor will enable the registrants to know their own impact on new regulations regarding these critical products as well as track, monitor and calculate real-time use data. This data is mandatory for reporting and allowing these products to be used when and where they are needed for controlling crop damaging pests.

Glen Johnson, senior vice-president of AMVAC states, “AMVAC provides critical products to the agricultural industry. The continued use of these products is dependent on proper stewardship activities and compliance, and having critical use information provided to state and federal regulators. AMVAC relies on CDMS and their services, especially with respect to our soil fumigants, to provide real-time data to these regulators on the use of our products.”

Advisor is a total agronomic system for data management that includes crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation, scouting, and environmental hazard and sampling information.

Workers and their duration of activities can also be managed as part of the collection of key production information. Meeting the needs of today's agronomic professional, Advisor also employs for use and flexibility of a hand-held PDA which can be used in the field for scouting and recording other field observations.

Jerry Krebs, western regional manager for Tessenderlo Kerley says, “Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. (TKI) produces plant nutrient products and crop protections chemicals essential in the growing of high-value crops. The continued wise use of these products is dependent on product stewardship and having critical use information available on a timely basis. TKI relies on CDMS and their services, especially in soil fumigations, to provide real-time data for managing our wide product range.”

CDMS services have been an important component of soil fumigant regulations during the last two decades and are part of a full agronomic data collection system.

For additional information on Advisor or other CDMS services, call 1-800-237-2367, or visit

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