Danitol registered on additional California crops

Danitol 2.4 EC Spray from Valent U.S.A. Corporation is now registered for use on California bushberries, fruiting vegetables, currant and succulent peas.

“Growers for these specialty crops need broad spectrum control as well as quick kill of problem pests,” John Aleck, Danitol product development manager said. “Danitol brings growers the speed and control they need and will not flare mites — a common problem bushberry, fruiting vegetable and succulent pea growers have with other insecticides.”

Danitol provides quick knockdown and a short re-entry interval of only 24 hours.

“University and private cooperator trials have shown good success with Danitol when used at labeled rates,” Aleck said. “We have also found that Danitol fits well into a resistance management program when growers need to alternate with different chemistries.”

This new California supplemental label adds to Danitol's already extensive crop registration that includes apples, citrus, cotton, grapes, head and stem brassica and curcubit vegetables, peanuts, pears, strawberries and tomatoes.

Danitol's pre-harvest interval is three days for bushberries and fruiting vegetables, seven days for succulent peas and 21 days for currants.

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