Deere book covers crop insurance

Farming can be a risky business, and now the latest book from John Deere Publishing explains how crop insurance can fit into an overall risk-management approach for farm managers.

Managing Risk Through Crop Insurance explains the different types of crop insurance programs available, how each program works and what type of farming operation is best suited for each insurance program.

Included are the following basic programs:

- Multiple-peril crop insurance.

- Catastrophic crop insurance.

- Group risk plan.

- Group risk income protection.

- Crop revenue coverage.

- Revenue assurance.

- Income protection.

- Crop-hail insurance.

- Other supplemental products.

Explanations of issues such as insurance units, yield history, and delayed planting provisions are also included.

"The need to protect farmers against price and income loss, and also production loss, is urgent," says John Deere Publishing's Cindy Calloway. "This book is very comprehensive. It's a good reference book for anyones."

The price for Managing Risk Through Crop Insurance is $34.95. To order a copy, contact John Deere Publishing at 1-800-522-7448 or visit the Website at

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