Deere unveils new products, alliances

John Deere recently announced the introduction of the most extensive new product line in the company's 164-year history. Included in the new product line were tractors, cotton pickers, planters, tillage tools, rotary cutters and forage harvesters. A glimpse at some of the new products can be found on these pages.

Brand new line

The company also announced that there will soon be a brand new line of equipment showing up on John Deere dealer lots. Frontier products will be available to complement the equipment offered by John Deere.

Such implements as grooming mowers, rear blades, box scrapers, and other machinery will be offered at very competitive prices.

“Frontier will be a line of good quality implements and attachments,” says Jerry Burau, manager, Frontier Equipment Marketing.

“They will be compatible, safe, and easy to use with a variety of John Deere products, and will provide customers a great value for the dollar. And, as the Frontier line becomes established, we will add more and larger equipment.”

The Frontier equipment will feature a John Deere green appearance with gray and black trim and accents. A completely new ordering system has been devised, using a Web-based business to business marketplace. John Deere dealers will work with customers in providing this equipment, and will provide product support for the Frontier product line.

The first products offered will feature the alliance of John Deere and Woods Equipment Company. A complete line of three-point hitch, landscaping and grooming equipment will be offered to dealers. “Woods Equipment Company has a variety of equipment that works well to complement the John Deere line,” says Burau. “We are extremely pleased that we could work out this initial product line offering with Woods.”

Special alliance

A special alliance with Attachment Technologies Incorporated (ATI) has also been established and Frontier will offer attachments for the John Deere 3000 Series Telehandlers.

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