DPR seeking IPM innovator nominations

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is accepting nominations for its annual IPM Innovator Awards. Nomination forms are available at www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/ipminov/innovatr.htm The nomination deadline is March 31.

DPR has given out more than 85 IPM Innovator awards to honor California organizations that emphasize pest prevention, favor least-hazardous pest control, and share their successful strategies with others.

DPR’s IPM Innovator awards are part of a comprehensive, reduced-risk pest management strategy aimed at homes, schools, farms and the environment.

DPR hosts an annual event where the Innovators are recognized.

An IPM Innovator typically has a history of using pest management systems to reduce the risks, showing that their pest management concept is economically viable, and documenting and sharing that system with others.

IPM Innovators often conduct research to find new ways for managing pests.

This may include a range of activities from contracted research with academic institutions to on-site trials of participant-identified techniques.

The organizational structure of the IPM Innovator may be very formal, such as a commodity advisory board, a resource conservation district, or a school district or it may be less formal, such as a community organization that promotes reduced-risk pest management.

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