DuPont™ Lannate® fits Calilfornia vegetable production

Every successful pest-management program needs to start with a solid foundation. And for controlling dozens of insects on key California crops, there is no better foundation than DuPont™ Lannate® insecticides.

Lannate® zeroes in on the toughest pests, targeting those putting your produce at risk, including worms, aphids and thrips; and it’s fast-acting, causing mortality quickly and providing complete control within hours. Lannate® works as an ovicide, larvicide and adulticide by contact and ingestion on many pests that can rob yield and quality. Controlling multiple life stages helps reduce the pest production by breaking the cycle.

Proven performance and unmatched flexibility make Lannate® the ideal foundation for California PCAs and growers.

Lannate® is a restricted-use pesticide.

Always read and follow all label directions.

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