Elevate tree use fungicide wins approval

Elevate fungicide from Tomen Agro, Inc., has been approved for use on stonefruit and almonds, providing growers with a new, low-risk tool to control the devastating effects of Monilinia and Botrytis cinerea diseases.

“The novel mode of action of Elevate is different than any other brown rot fungicide, making it ideally suited for Integrated Pest Management programs,” says Chuck Schiller, director of biological development for Tomen Agro. “Elevate is a locally systemic protectant fungicide. When applied according to label directions, it provides a strong protective barrier against disease,” adds Schiller.

In addition to controlling brown rot, blossom and twig blight, and fruit brown rot, Elevate offers growers greater flexibility and protection. It features a zero-day pre-harvest interval and four-hour re-entry interval in addition to long-lasting protection of seven to 14 days, depending on disease pressure.

Elevate, which was ‘fast-tracked” through the EPA, is classified as a reduced-risk pesticide. It carries the EPA's most favorable signal word (Caution) for crop protection products.

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