Entomologist joins Kern advisor staff

A native of Salinas, Calif., David Haviland turned his lifelong interest in insects into a career as the new entomology farm advisor for UC Cooperative Extension in Kern County.

“I was one of those people who, even as a small child, was fascinated with insects,” Haviland said. “I always had a freezer full of insect vials everywhere I lived.”

That included a two-year mission trip in Argentina, where Haviland did volunteer work and finalized his mastery of the Spanish language. Haviland later taught Spanish to college-age students preparing for volunteer service in Spanish-speaking countries.

Haviland focused on entomology at Brigham Young University while earning a bachelor's degree in zoology.

Haviland completed a master's degree at UC Davis in plant protection and pest management in spring 2002. He joined the Kern County academic staff on July 1, 2002. His office is at the UCCE office, 1031 South Mount Vernon Ave., in Bakersfield. He can be reached at (661) 868-6215, [email protected].

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