Agribiz: Challenger’s new MT500E series tractor offers more power, efficiency

Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation, has five new row crop tractor models now available which can increase on-farm efficiency and productivity.

The new Challenger MT500E Series row crop tractors with new AGCO Power Tier 4 Final 6.6- and 7.4-liter six-cylinder diesel engines feature increased maneuverability, efficiency, and power - three components to help ensure a new tractor purchase translates into real results on the farm.

Maximum engine horsepower ranges from 185 to 255 across the lineup, which includes the MT555E, MT565E, MT575E, MT585E, and MT595E. Torque ratings at 1,500 RPM range from 830 foot-pounds for the MT555E to 1,049 foot-pounds for the MT595E.

The new engines provide a significant power increases over previous models, and provide good throttle response and torque at all RPMs.

This is due to turbochargers with electronically controlled wastegates and a new engine performance management system which provides up to a 25-horsepower boost on demand.

The engines powering the MT500E Series are all equipped with dual alternators, third-generation selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission technology, a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst system under the hood, and a new engine control unit (ECU) for precise operation and fuel efficiency.

From row-crop farmers to those using in difficult to maneuver areas, the MT500E Series is designed to provide a powerful tractor with the strength and stamina for hard work in the field or feedlot.

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