Agribiz: John Deere introduces small-frame 6R model

Due to the growing popularity of its 6R series tractors to handle many farm, ranch and commercial chores and right-of-way maintenance, John Deere introduces three small-frame 6R models for 2015.

The new small-frame 6110R, 6120R and 6130R offer enhanced versatility and performance for tractors in the 110 to 130 engine horsepower range.

According to Kory Ross, product manager for mid-tractors at John Deere, the new small-frame 6R tractors are designed with many of the hydraulic, control and comfort features of the larger 6R tractors, but offer the maneuverability and compactness customers want to more easily handle a wide variety of chores.

The small-frame 6R tractors have additional selective control valves (SCV), which were moved further under the cab to improve visibility to the drawbar.

Customers can choose up to five SCVs or four SCVs plus “Power Beyond,” giving them the added hydraulic capacity to perform more functions. A hose disengagement lever was added to make it easy to uncouple hoses under pressure.”

The cab environment and control features have also been updated in the small-frame 6Rs, giving them more commonality with the larger 7R, 8R and 9R series tractors.

The small-frame 6Rs equipped with popular IVT transmissions come with the CommandARM and Generation 4 CommandCenter Display for convenient finger-tip access to controls and monitors. These tractors also have AutoTrac capabilities and come with a 30-degree right-hand swivel seat for enhanced operator comfort and visibility to the rear implements.

Brighter LED lamps are an option. Service intervals were increased to 750 hours and DEF usage is reduced to 3 percent of fuel usage.

To learn more about the new small-frame 6R Tractors, see your local John Deere dealer or visit

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