BASF launches Maglis online platform to improve crop management

BASF has launched Maglis, an online agricultural platform designed to help farmers manage crops more effectively and efficiently.

Connecting technology, data and people, Maglis allows farmers to gather, interpret, and monitor a range of crop-related data to help them make better agronomic decisions.

According to BASF, farming is a dynamic business that requires the management of a wide range of data. Through Maglis, BASF will work with farmers to further personalize their experience, and enable them to develop a complete plan tailored for each growing season, and ultimately achieve their operational goals.

Maglis represents a further example of how Grow Smart helps BASF engage with farmers to maximize yield and performance. Incorporating Maglis into planning will further personalize the grower experience while enabling them to optimize production decisions, inputs, and practices for a complete plan tailored for a growing season.

BASF says Grow Smart offers a comprehensive approach to help our customers be more successful. Maglis represents a practical, grounded tool that fully captures this approach to ultimately help farmers achieve their operational goals.

The initial launch of Maglis IT platform is focused in North America.

In the U.S., Maglis Customer Navigator allows BASF innovation specialists to partner with farmers to analyze and generate tailored plans to address individual crop priorities, including yield optimization, risk reduction, and efficiency improvements.

Through Maglis Customer Navigator, BASF Innovation Specialists can guide crop-related discussions with farmers, providing a platform to offer better agronomic advice. During these discussions, farmers can gain more insight critical to both big-picture and field-specific farm decisions.

In addition to bringing value to farmers in the field, the Maglis Customer Navigator also benefits channel and retail partners. With the tool, BASF Innovation Specialists have the ability to include proprietary products, including adjuvants and retail-branded active ingredients, in the farmer’s crop recommendation.

A crop recommendation can be sent directly to the retailer, creating awareness with the retailer on product recommendations. With a complete, traceable crop recommendation, clear alignment is formed between the BASF Business Representative, Innovation Specialist and the local retailer.

The Maglis IT platform is in the pilot phase in Canada.

Maglis Crop Plan is a convenient and efficient way for farmers to monitor and manage field activities. It connects information about local weather, soil conditions and weed, disease and pest warnings for farmers’ individual plans.

The Maglis Sustainability Assessment helps farmers become more resource efficient. It demonstrates the impact of practices such as business profitability, soil health, and biodiversity.

Farmers can count on a comprehensive analysis of their operations from planning through harvest and will be able to compare their production practices to other benchmarks.

Further tools are under development and scheduled for launch in several other countries in the near future.

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