Digi-Star offers grain tracking

Digi-Star LLC has introduced Grain Tracker, a new multi-function planting and harvest tracking management system.

It is the first to be specifically developed as an interface with grain carts, offering significant benefits for record-keeping and documentation in the field, along with report generation and management features in the office.

While grain carts have previously been equipped with scales and indicators, Digi-Star's new Grain Tracker system features a uniquely designed indicator and proprietary PC software.

Indicators are cab-mounted, and allow the operator to record data regarding farm and field name, load numbers, load weights and accumulated totals.

Keys with symbols facilitate entering or modifying field data.

The system is user-friendly and provides easy training for operators. Its unique START•STOP feature (patent pending) records weight, time, date and field for each load. The operator simply pushes START when he begins to unload, and STOP when completed. The system does the rest.

The Grain Tracker system is available with a base model indicator, and a more full-featured model.

Accumulated data can be sent to a printer from the base model, or downloaded to a portable USB flash drive from the full-featured model. The flash drive data is transferred to PC software to generate reports in PDF or Excel formats.

The system's ability to generate organized reports proved to be an especially valuable benefit to both growers and custom harvesters. Documenting yield by field was viewed as an important feature, and helpful for crop insurance purposes.

Grain Tracker has another exclusive and valuable benefit. With the simple push of a button, it can be used to calibrate a combine's yield monitor. In the field, this instantly adds accuracy and reliability to the yield data produced by the combine's monitoring system.

Grain Tracker also provides benefits for planting and seeding by monitoring and documenting seed loading and seed planted from field to field or farm to farm.

The Grain Tracker system is marketed through Unverferth, Kinze and J&M grain cart dealers. For more information, see www.digi-star.com or call 800-225-7695.

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