How do telemetry and machinery maintenance work together? John Deere

How do telemetry and machinery maintenance work together?

New webinar offers insight into the information available with the latest systems to help you better manage equipment year-round.

Today's equipment is much more technical than in the past. The common-rail diesel engines that power tractors and combines operate nothing like engines from just a decade ago. Along with that new tech comes increase information captured through intricate sensor networks on those machines.

What does that mean to farmers? It means plenty. In fact the information gathered by these machines and shared through modern telemetry to the cloud offer farmers the opportunity to better manage this important capital investment.

Recently Farm Progress conducted a webinar on this topic and turned to two experts in the field for help. Scott Shearer, professor and chair, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineer, Ohio State University dug into the details on this new tech providing farmers in-depth information.

Teaming with Shearer was Dan Holdmeyer, industrial sector manager for Chevron. The company sponsored the Webinar, but Holdmeyer was also on hand to discuss how oils, fluids and coolants are changing and how you can better manage machines for the future.

A recording of the webinar is now available. By visiting the webinar link and signing in you can hear the hour-long presentation. This program includes key images from Shearer that help explain a lot of what's happening "under the hood" on today's machinery. Check out the webinar today.

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