Pacific Ag Rentals AGCO Challenger Outlaw

From left, Kelvin Bennett, vice president of engineering for AGCO; Bob Crain, senior VP and GM of AGCO’s North and South American operations; PAR Owner Bart Walker; and, Eric Fisher, operations director at AGCO’s Jackson, Minn. Factory, were all on hand when PAR’s second Challenger Outlaw was delivered to the company.

Pacific Ag Rentals gets second Challenger Outlaw

PAR puts second Challenger Outlaw into service PAR's main office located in Salinas, Calif.

Bart Walker just added a new tractor color to his fleet at Pacific Ag Rentals (PAR) in California.

The track-propelled tractor is glossy black with grey, ghost flames.

Under the unique paint job is effectively the same AGCO Challenger MT 800E Series tractor, that growers may already be familiar with.

Walker first saw the Challenger Outlaw – AGCO Challenger MT 875E – tractor as a promotional display at the Farm Progress Show in 2012 and had to have one.

Make that two.

Walker took delivery of his second Challenger Outlaw at his Salinas, Calif. location in late August. His first Challenger Outlaw is already in operation in the Corcoran, Calif. area.

Through a serendipitous alignment of executive schedules, several AGCO executives were available to personally deliver the machine to Walker’s Salinas location in late August, where he intended to place it in his fleet of rentals to vegetable growers in the Salinas Valley.

“This is another avenue for us to gain exposure,” Walker said after taking delivery of the tractor. “The reason we brought this in is no one ever brought in something like this here in California.”

Built in Jackson, Minn., the Outlaw Challenger boasts 590 horsepower and 2,095 foot-pounds of torque from a 16.8L, 12-cylinder AGCO engine hand built in Finland. The engine is Tier 4 Final compliant with SCR technology.

Machines this large can be used in California’s field crop scenarios where growers want to get more done with one person by pulling larger implements with greater efficiency, Walker says.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time for me,” Walker continued. “This is my busiest time of the year.”

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