Taylor Farms installs one megawatt solar farm in Gonzales

Taylor Farms recently finished installation of a 1 megawatt solar farm at its Gonzales, Calif. location. Coupled with a large windmill, the renewable energy covers about one-fourth of the facility's energy during peak periods.

Taylor Farms boosts renewable energy footprint

Bruce Taylor is the third generation to own and operate Taylor Farms Taylor Fresh Foods was founded in 1995 to provide consumers with healthy fresh foods Taylor Farms employs 10,000, including 2,000 people at its Salinas Valley location

REC Solar, a provider of commercial solar and energy solutions, recently surpassed 100 installations with the inclusion of a one megawatt (MW) project at Taylor Farms in Gonzales, Calif.

Taylor Farms processes and creates value-added produce in the Salinas Valley. The solar project is part of the company’s commitment to investing in renewable energy sources across the country. 

REC Solar’s agriculture sector installations account for 45 MW of the company’s installed total of over 200 MW. Over the past 19 years, REC Solar has helped approximately 70 businesses in the agricultural sector, including growers, vineyards, nurseries, food and beverage processors and cold storage facilities, to manage energy costs and improve long-term business stability with clean solar energy.

The newest Taylor Farms system in Gonzales, coupled with its existing wind turbine, can offset more than 25 percent of that facility’s energy consumption during peak periods. REC Solar previously completed a solar project for Taylor Farms in nearby Salinas, and is working with the company on additional projects for facilities in Tracy, Calif. and Dallas, Texas.

“Taylor Farms is a leader in the agriculture industry, and now in sustainability, because we know it’s the right thing to do,” said Nicole Flewell, director of sustainability at Taylor Farms. “Not only are we taking care of the environment but we’re also providing ourselves with reliable and cost effective energy sources.”

“Over the last 15 years, some of our most innovative solar solutions have been developed for members of the agriculture community. Farmers were some of the earliest adopters of solar because they quickly saw the business and environmental benefits,” said Alan Russo, senior vice president of sales and marketing at REC Solar. “We are proud of the work we are doing to help such a critically important industry thrive in California, Hawaii and across the nation.”

REC is the only renewable energy provider focused exclusively on businesses and backed by Duke Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the world. For more, visit RECSolar.com.

Taylor Farms is dedicated to being North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods, Taylor Farms focuses on innovation by consistently developing new products and improving production methods. Taylor Farms is family owned and based in Salinas, with 12 operating companies throughout North America.

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