Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about YouTube stunt gone wrong. (audio)

Newsman Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong.

In Bloomington, Minn., a mosque was bombed last year. The three men are ages 47, 29 and 22. All are from Clarence, Illinois.

A Twitter survey asked if township governments should be abolished. 40% of those who voted in Max’s Twitter survey spoke in favor of keeping townships.

Illinois governor vetoed gun safety measure.

Pedro Ruiz wanted to be a YouTube star so he held an encyclopedia to his chest and told his 19-year-old wife Monalisa Perez to shoot at the book with a hand gun. She complied and he died. She is being sentenced to jail, but will serve time in such a way to minimize time away from their two children.

I am here because Max is in Springfield, Ill., where he received Honorary Master Farmer Award from Prairie Farmer.

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