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Biofuel plant managers ask Trump to defend RFS

Biofuel supporters ask Trump to reject Sen. Ted Cruz's proposals.

Managers at 150 biofuel production centers across the heartland sent a letter to President Donald Trump, urging the White House to “stand strong in defense of the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

Growth Energy joined the plant managers in calling for Reid Vapor Pressure relief and asking the administration to reject Sen. Ted Cruz’s proposals. 

“The campaign against RINs is based on fairytales, designed to justify handouts for the same folks who raided corporate funds at the expense of local workers in Philadelphia. Those workers deserve real answers – not scapegoats and excuses from Ted Cruz and his donors,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor.

The full text of the letter and a list of signers follows: 

As the managers of 150 biofuel manufacturing plants across the country, we urge you to stand strong in defense of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Like hundreds of thousands of others across the country, our jobs and those of our coworkers depend on the RFS, which ensures that American-made biofuels cannot be locked out of the marketplace by monopolies at the fuel pump. 

We’ve seen Texas Senator Ted Cruz attempt to confuse stakeholders about the RFS, claiming that his attack on Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) is not an attack on our jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth. RINs are simply a flexible and efficient system – designed with help from refiners – for tracking our product, as each gallon of biofuel makes its way to consumers. There is no way to cut, cap, or eliminate RINs without cutting, capping, or eliminating gallons of homegrown fuel. These gimmicks would eliminate market access for higher ethanol blends, and they are deal-killers for rural America.

To justify regulatory handouts for an entire sector, Senator Cruz has attempted to hijack a conversation about one mismanaged refinery. But there is no truth behind the notion that this White House must choose between rural jobs and strong refining revenues. Refiners of all sizes are posting surging profits under the RFS – thanks, in part, to the extraordinary generosity of this administration’s tax reforms.

A true win-win proposal would lift summertime restrictions on the sales of 15 percent ethanol blends. This minor change would support growth on all sides, generate a new supply of RINs, and ease pressure on refiners. But this proposal holds no value if it becomes tied to destructive RIN caps that eliminate market access for biofuels. 

The men and women who make up the biofuel supply chain embody values that this administration has championed from day one – middle-class prosperity, U.S. independence, and world-class innovation. Every single day, our products save U.S. drivers money, keep the air clean, and promote U.S. energy dominance. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that nearly one in five employees in our industry are military veterans, a larger share than any other energy sector.

These aren’t just the workers at our plants. They are the hard-working farmers who grow the grains and cellulosic feedstocks for U.S. ethanol. They are the construction trades men and women who build biorefineries in areas of the country left behind by other manufacturing sectors. They are seafarers and truckers who ship farm crops by land and barge. And they are the manufacturing workers who create equipment and agricultural implements to harvest, transport, process, and distribute America’s vast abundance of renewable energy. 

The jobs we create allow more than 200 biofuel plants to serve as economic anchors across the heartland, helping to revitalize the rural economy. These communities overwhelmingly voted for elected leaders, like yourself, who support the RFS and understand the importance of maintaining America’s leadership in biofuel production.

After four straight years of declining agricultural income, your steadfast support of homegrown biofuels has been a lifeline for the farm economy, and we are deeply grateful to you for upholding the campaign promises made to our workers, our families, and all our rural neighbors. We ask that you send a clear and final signal that this administration will no longer entertain misleading schemes designed to kill the RFS.


James A. Seurer, Aberdeen Energy, LLC (Mina, SD)

Rick Schwarck, Absolute Energy, L.L.C. (St. Ansgar, IA)

Neal Kemmet, Ace Ethanol LLC (Stanley, WI)

Ray Baker, Adkins Energy LLC (Lena, IL)

Eric Fasnacht, ADM (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Dan Lane, ADM Marshall (Marshall, MN)

Mark Reznik, ADM Peoria Corn Processing Plant (Peoria, IL)

Phil Cherry, Aemetis, Keyes, CA

Advanced Bio Energy, LLC-Aberdeen (Aberdeen, SD)

Advanced Bio Energy, LLC-Huron (Huron, SD)

Brad Wilson, Agron Bioenergy (Watsonville, CA)

Randy Doyal, Al-Corn Clean Fuel, LLC (Claremont, MN)

Erik Huschitt, Badger State Ethanol (Monroe, WI)

Brian Kieffer, Big River Resources Boyceville, LLC (W Burlington, IA)

Ralph Peel, Big River Resources Galva, LLC (W Burlington, IA)

John Wolf, Big River Resources, LLC, - West Burlington (W Burlington, IA)

Terry Manchester, Big River United Energy, LLC (Dyersville, IA)

Jeff Zueger, Blue Flint Ethanol, LLC (Underwood, ND)

Dave Kramer, Bridgeport Ethanol, LLC (Bridgeport, NE)

Erik Osmon, Bushmills Ethanol (Atwater, MN)

Mitch Miller, Carbon Green Bioenergy, LLC (Lake Odessa, MI)

Jeff Painter, Cardinal Ethanol, LLC (Union City, IN)

Duane Kristensen, Chief Ethanol Fuels, Inc. (Hastings, NE)

Chad Friese, Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (Benson, MN)

Ryan H. Drook, CIE (Marion, IN)

Mick Henderson, Commonwealth Agri-Energy, LLC (Hopkinsville, KY)

Richard Hanson, Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC - Arkalon Energy (Liberal, KS)

Jeff Gilbert, Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC - Bonanza (Liberal, KS)

Chuck Fryer, Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC - Diamond Ethanol (Liberal, KS)

Mike Jerke, Corn Plus (Winnebago, MN)

Brad Davis, Corn, LP (Goldfield, IA)

Scott Mundt, Dakota Ethanol (Wentworth, SD)

Jeff Zueger, Dakota Spirit AgEnergy (Jamestown, ND)

Mick Miller, Denco II, LLC (Morris, MN)

John Didion, Didion Ethanol (Cambria, WI)

Michael P. South, DuPont (Wilmington, DE)

Mike Arbige, DuPont (Palo Alto, CA)

Simon Herriott, DuPont (Wilmington, DE)

Troy Wilson, DuPont (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Vincent Sewalt, DuPont (Palo Alto, CA)

Carl Sitzmann, E Energy Adams LLC (Adams, NE)

Bill Pracht, East Kanas Agri-Energy (Garnett, KS)

Elite Octane (Atlantic, IA)

Neal Kemmet, Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC (Oshkosh, WI)

Dan Sanders, Front Range Energy, LLC (Windsor, CO)

James A. Seurer, Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC (Watertown, SD)

Chad Kuhlers, Golden Grain Energy (Mason City, IA)

Christy Marchand, Golden Grain Energy (Mason City, IA)

Steve Christensen, Granite Falls Energy (Granite Falls, MN)

Gerod Camp, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Atkinson (Atkinson, NE)

Tim Aldridge, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Blufton (Blufton, IN)

Andy Dahlke, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Central City (Central City, NE)

Jon Richardson, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Fairmont (Fairmont, MN)

Joey Balderaz, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Hereford (Hereford, TX)

John Hutto, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Hopewell (Hopewell, VA)

Jason Murra, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Lakota (Lakota, IA)

Galen Bruha, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Madison (Madison, IL)

Dan Labhart, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon, IN)

Scott McClellan, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Obion (Rives, TN)

Les Glinsmann, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Ord (Ord, NE)

Anthony Hicks, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Otter Tail (Fergus Falls, MN)

Brad Geyman, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Riga (Riga, MI)

Cory Scamman, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Shenandoah (Shenandoah, IA)

Tod Smith, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Superior (Estherville, IA)

Chris Most, Green Plains Renewable Energy - Wood River (Wood River, NE)

Mitch Stuhr, Green Plains Renewable Energy - York (York, NE)

Ben Stover, Guardian Energy (Janesville, MN)

Lee Poppe, Guardian Energy Hankinson (Hankinson, ND)

Jack Wolfcale, Guardian Energy Lima (Lima, OH)

Steve Christensen, Heron Lake BioEnergy (Heron Lake, MN)

Brian Kletscher, Highwater Ethanol (Lamberton, MN)

James Broghammer, Homeland Energy Solutions (Lawler, IA)

Seth Harder, Husker Ag (Plainview, NE)

ICM Biofuels, Inc. (St Joseph, MO)

Gunner Greene, Iroquois Bio-Energy Company, LLC (Rensselaer, IN)

Chuck Woodside, KAAPA Ethanol (Minden, NE)

Michael J. Chisam, Kansas Ethanol, LLC (Lyons, KS)

Mason Rippey, Lakeview Biodiesel, LLC (Moberly, MO)

Joe Williams, Lakeview Plymouth Energy (Merrill, IA)

Eric J Mosbey, Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC (Palestine, IL)

Eric Hakmiller, Lincolnway Energy (Nevada, IA)

Steve Roe, Little Sioux Corn Processors LLC (Marcus, IA)

Marquis Energy - Wisconsin, LLC (Necedah, WI)

Mark Marquis, Marquis Energy, LLC (Hennepin, IL)

Robert Lundeen, Mid America Bio Energy (Madrid, NE)

Chris Wilson, Mid-Missouri Energy (Malta Bend, MO)

Dan Meeuwsen, Nebraska Corn Processing (Cambridge, NE)

Bret Lieberman, New Holland NA (New Holland, PA)

Kyle Nixon, Novozymes-Blair (Blair, NE)

Adam Monroe, Novozymes-Franklinton (Franklinton, NC)

Joe Teubner, Pacific Ethanol (Stockton, CA)

Lyndon Jones, Pacific Ethanol Aurora (Aurora, NE)

Daniel Koch, Pacific Ethanol Columbia (Boardman, OR)

Jeffrey Unsinger, Pacific Ethanol Madera (Madera, CA)

Al Lowe, Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley (Burley, ID)

Todd Benton, Pacific Ethanol Pekin, LLC (Pekin, IL)

Dan Meeuwsen, Pennsylvania Grain Producers (Clearfield, PA)

Matt Rynearson, Pinal Energy (Maricopa, AZ)

James Broghammer, Pine Lake Corn Processors LLLP (Steamboat Rock, IA)

Joe Williams, Plymouth Energy, LLC (Le Mars, IA)

Dave Hudak, POET Biorefining - Alexandria (Alexandria, IN)

Danny Clayton, POET Biorefining - Ashton (Ashton, IA)

Blaine Gomer, POET Biorefining - Big Stone (Big Stone City, SD)

Nathan Hay, POET Biorefining - Bingham Lake (Bingham Lake, MN)

David Gloer, POET Biorefining - Caro (Caro, MI)

Dean Frederickson, POET Biorefining - Chancellor (Mitchell, SD)

Steve McNinch, POET Biorefining - Cloverdale (Cloverdale, IN)

William Howell, POET Biorefining - Coon Rapids (Coon Rapids, IA)

Greg Olsen, POET Biorefining - Corning (Corning, IA)

Daron Wilson, POET Biorefining - Emmetsburg (Emmetsburg, IA)

Arthur Thomas, POET Biorefining - Fostoria (Fostoria, OH)

Chris Hanson, POET Biorefining - Glenville (Albert Lea, MN)

Wael Sanduka, POET Biorefining - Gowrie (Gowrie, IA)

Kelly Kjelden, POET Biorefining - Groton (Groton, SD)

Kelly Hansen, POET Biorefining - Hanlontown (Hanlontown, IA)

Jeremy Halgerson, POET Biorefining - Hudson (Hudson, SD)

Kevin Monroe, POET Biorefining - Jewell (Jewell, IA)

Steve Murphy, POET Biorefining - Laddonia (Laddonia, MO)

Jim Lambert, POET Biorefining - Lake Crystal (Lake Crystal, MN)

Ken Miceli, POET Biorefining - Leipsic (Caro, OH)

Jason Martin, Project LIBERTY (Emmetsburg, IA)

Steve Murphy, POET Biorefining - Macon (Laddonia, MO)

Rick Fox, POET Biorefining - Marion (Marion, OH)

Becky Pitz, POET Biorefining - Mitchell (Letcher, SD)

Steve Pittman, POET Biorefining - North Manchester (North Manchester, IN)

Matt Tomano, POET Biorefining - Portland (Portland, IN)

Chris Hanson, POET Biorefining - Preston (Preston, MN)

Adam Wirt, POET Research Center (Scotland, SD)

Joe Kreutzer, Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy (Phillipsburg, KS)

Delayne D. Johnson, Quad County Corn Processors (Galva, IA)

Tom Hitchcock, Redfield Energy (Redfield, SD)

Dana Siefkes-Lewis, Redfield Energy, LLC (Redfield, SD)

Lee Reeve, Reeve Agri Energy (Garden City, KS)

Richard Hanson, Show Me Ethanol, LLC (Carrollton, MO)

Jeff Altena, Siouxland Energy Cooperative (Sioux Center, IA)

Nick Bowdish, Siouxland Ethanol (Jackson, NE)

Brian T. Cahill, SIRE - Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy (Council Bluffs, IA)

Dave Kramer, Sterling Ethanol, LLC (Sterling, CO)

Ryan Thorpe, Tharaldson Ethanol Plant I, LLC (Casselton, ND)

Doug Deland, The Andersons Albion Ethanol LLC (Albion, MI)

Jeremy Frerichs, The Andersons Clymers Ethanol LLC (Clymers, IN)

Adam Smith, The Andersons Denison Ethanol LLC (Denison, IA)

Ted Hafer, The Andersons Marathon Ethanol LLC (Greenville, OH)

Mike Irmen, The Andersons, Inc. (Maumee, OH)

Tim Kostechi, Three Rivers Energy (Coshocton, OH)

Barb Bontrager, United Wisconsin Grain Producers, LLC (Friesland, WI)

Thomas Brooks, Western Dubuque Biodiesel (Farley, IA)

Brad Wilson, Western Iowa Energy (Wall Lake, IA)

Timothy Winters, Western New York Energy, LLC (Medina, NY)

Derek Peine, Western Plains Energy, LLC (Oakley, KS)

Dave Kramer, Yuma Ethanol, LLC (Sterling, CO)

Source: Fuels America

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