Farm Press continuing education courses renewed for 2007

CEUs accredited for 42 hours

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), Arizona Department of Agriculture and the Certified Crop Adviser program in both Western states have re-accredited the seven online continuing education courses offered by Western Farm Press for 2007.

The courses, available via links on the Western Farm Press website ( and the California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA) website ( are approved for a total of 42 continuing education hours.

This is broken down as follows:

  • 16 CEUs for all DPR licensees, including PCAs, both categories of qualified applicators (QC & QL) and aerial applicators (AP/JP) as well as Private Applicators with pesticide use from local county agricultural commissioners. Five (5) of the 16 DPR hours have been approved for the laws and regulations category. The other 11 hours are in the “Other” category.

  • 10 credit hours certified by the Arizona Department of Agriculture for all its licensees, including PCAs and Applicators with credentials as Private Applicators, Commercial Applicators, Government Applicators or Pest Control Advisors.

  • 16 hours for American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) in California and Arizona. Most of these hours are certified in the Integrated Pest Management category. However, one course also has one hour in soils and water and another course is accredited for one hour in crop management.

All courses are free, sponsored by Bayer CropScience, Chemtura (2 courses), DuPont Crop Protection, Monsanto Valent USA (2 courses) in partnership with Western Farm Press.

More than 3,000 courses were completed online in 2006. Since Western Farm Press and Bayer CropScience partnered to post the first online course about two and a half years ago more than 6,000 courses have been completed.

Farm Press and other Prism Business Media publications also offer two courses for agricultural applicator licensees in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as a national CCA course. CCAs from more than 30 states and Canada have completed this course.

“The response to the online continuing education courses has been frankly overwhelming,” said Western Farm Press publisher Greg Frey. “We continue to receive very positive feedback from those who have completed the courses and we are pleased to continue offering the courses.

“Almost everyone who has completed a course wants more courses offered. We are working on that now,” said Frey.

More than 2,200 course completion notices were e-mailed to Western Farm Press from Oct. 1 until the end of 2006.

A big boost in responses to Farm Press online courses has been the partnership between CAPCA and Farm Press.

“CAPCA members have unequivocally stated they wanted more online courses, and we have meet that need by partnering with Western Farm Press,” said Terry Stark, CAPCA executive director.

“We received many calls last fall from PCAs and others needing hours for their license renewal. We referred them to the course links on our website and the Western Farm Press website and all have been most appreciative that they can easily get the hours necessary for renewal via these courses.”

The positive feedback has been primarily for the ease of taking the courses any time of the day or night and not taking time away from the business day. With the rising cost of fuel and travel, many have expressed appreciation for the money saving aspect of free online courses as well.

“These courses are made possible through the financial support of several of Western Farm Press' key advertisers which recognize these online CEUs as a customer service to their clients in California and Arizona,” said Frey.

Western Farm Press takes care of the paperwork for each course to ensure that those who complete courses are properly credited.

Farm Press reviewed the courses before submitting them for '07 credit hours. One, on powdery mildew control, was reviewed by chief contributors, Doug Gubler, University of California, Davis plant pathologist who is recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on powdery mildew.

“I looked over the course I helped develop with Western Farm Press and it is still the latest information we have available on powdery mildew in grapes,” said Gubler. “I have gone through the course online and am pleased with the effort.”

Here is a complete list of the courses and the accredited hours.

Weed Resistance Management in Agronomic Row Crops, Trees Nuts and Vines.

Sponsored by Monsanto

3 CEUs-California PCA

3 CEUs-Arizona PCA and Applicator

3 CEUs-California QL/QC/AP/JP

3 CEUs-California Private Applicator


Lepidopterous Pest Management/Pesticide Safety

Sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection

2 CEUs - California PCA

2 CEUs - Arizona PCA and Applicator

2 CEUs - California QL/QC/AP/JP

2 CEUs - California Private Applicator


Insecticide Resistance Management in Agronomic and Row Crops

Sponsored by Valent

3 CEUs - California PCA

3 CEUs - Arizona PCA and Applicator

3 CEUs - California QL/QC/AP/JP

3 CEUs - California Private Applicator


Managing Spray Drift to Minimize Problems

Sponsored by Valent

2 CEUs - California PCA

2 CEUs - Arizona PCA and Applicator

2 CEUs - California QL/QC/AP/JP

2 CEUs - Private Applicator


Powdery Mildew Control in California Grapevines

Sponsored by Chemtura

2 CEUs - California PCA .

2 CEUs - California QL/QC/PA/JP

2 CEUs - California Private Applicator


Almond Pest Management

Sponsored by Chemtura

2 CEUs - California PCA

2 CEUs - California QL/QC/AP/JP

2 CEUs - Private Applicator


California Groundwater Protection Regulations

Sponsored by Bayer CropScience

2 CEUs - California PCA

2 CEUs - California QL/QC/AP/JP

2 CEUs - Private Applicator


For additional information about these courses, contact Harry Cline, Editor, Western Farm Press, (559) 298-6070; [email protected]

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